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Secretariat Leadership

The work of Secretariat is carried out by the following individuals:

Executive Secretary

The General Conference Secretary is one of three executive officers of the world church.  He cares for or assigns general items to members of Secretariat.  "The secretary, in the performance of the executive responsibilities, shall report to the Executive Committee after consultation with the president.  The secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of the proceedings of the General Conference sessions and meetings of the Executive Committee, for maintaining correspondence with church organizations, and for the performance of such other duties as usually pertain to such office." –General Conference Working Policy, Article VIII--Officers and Their Duties, Sec. 5.) 


The undersecretary assists the secretary with his responsibilities and acts for him in his absence. He serves as agenda secretary for the General Conference Session, Annual Council, Spring Meeting, and officers' meetings. The undersecretary is specifically responsible for the agenda program and the General Conference Working Policy. In consultation with the secretary he provides oversight to administrative and personnel matters within the office of the Secretariat. He also serves as secretary or member of various standing committees as well as the liaison for one of the world divisions.

Associate Secretaries

The associate secretaries assist the secretary with his responsibilities through various assignments. There are seven associate secretaries. Four serve as General Conference liaisons with twelve of the thirteen world divisions. As liaisons to the various world divisions, they, in part, aid in the selection, appointment and support of interdivision personnel for all calls between divisions. One of these four associates is also assigned the responsibility of being the Director of the General Conference Adventist Volunteer Center which covers the world field. In addition, one associate is the Director of Adventist Mission (AM), another associate is co-director of International Personnel Resources and Services (IPRS) and acts as liaison for the Deferred Mission Appointment (DMA) program, and one serves as Secretary of the Adventist Church in North America. All associate secretaries carry the responsibility of promoting and enhancing the mission work of the church as well as serving as members and/or secretary of certain standing committees.